10 Traditional Brazilian Foods You Must Eat Right Now

Coxinha New York

  1. Coxinhas

What is it: Little raindrops of fried goodness usually filled with chicken and a very creamy cheese called “catupiry.”
Tastes like: A fried mac ‘n’ cheese ball, sans noodles, plus chicken.
Conclusion: In 2013 two Brazilians created in New York the Delivery of Coxinha in U.S.

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Brigadeiro New York

  1. Brigadeiro

What is it: Chocolate truffles made with condensed milk instead of cream and covered in chocolate sprinkles.
Tastes like: A Nutella ball sprinkled with chocolate.
Conclusion: You’ve been missing out on chocolate rolled into balls for far too long.

Pão de queijo

  1. Pão de Queijo

What is it: Little rolls of bread with cheese baked into it.
Tastes like: Yup, little rolls of bread with cheese baked into it.
Conclusion: You’ll never eat regular bread again.


  1. Farofa

What is it: Fried cassava flour. It can include egg, bacon, and other add-ons. It’s usually sprinkled over rice and beans.
Tastes like: Nothing you’ve ever tasted. Come on, it’s fried cassava flour, but it’s still DELICIOUS!
Conclusion: Hands down: Cassava flour is tastier than regular flour.

Açai new york

  1. Açaí

What is it: A superfood berry used to make fruit bowls and smoothies. Pro tip: Blend with bananas and strawberries and top with granola and honey.
Tastes like: A granola bowl, sans yogurt, plus berry goodness.
Conclusion: Granola bowl, shh-manola bowl, NOPE.

Pastel new york

  1. Pastéis

What it is: More fried goodness but this time with less dough, which you can fill with everything from cheese, to beef, to cod fish, and pretty much whatever else your stomach desires.
Tastes like: A deep-fried empanada.
Conclusion: All empanadas should be deep-fried.


  1. Feijoada

What is it: A black bean stew with various types of beef and sausage.
Tastes like: A hearty black bean chili.
Conclusion: Chili, what are you doing with your life?

Acaraje new york

  1. Acarajé

What is it: A black-eyed pea ball fried in palm oil, usually stuffed with shrimp and vinaigrette.
Tastes like: A stuffed shrimp falafel.
Conclusion: Why do we even bother with regular falafels?


  1. Empadinha

What is it: A baked casserole usually made with chicken, olives, hearts of palm, corn, and other fillings. You can sub chicken for beef, shrimp, or any other type of “meat.”
Tastes like: A chicken pot pie without the creaminess.
Conclusion: Yo, chicken pot pie, take notes.

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Mousse de Maracuja new york

  1. Mousse de Maracujá

What is it: Passion fruit mousse.
Tastes like: Passion fruit pudding.
Conclusion: So where do I buy passion fruit?

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