Petisco Brazuca can help you plan for everything from casual get-together with just a few friends to gigantic parties with hundreds of guests. But sometimes it’s hard to figure out just how many snacks to order for your party. So, we created a handy guide below to ensure you get exactly what you need for your next event.

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How much food should I order?

Our recommendation can vary based on the type and size of the group being served. For example, teenagers and adults generally have large appetites. Are some recommendations based on your group size:


  3 people: 30 pieces / Salgados
 5 – 10 people: 50 – 120 pieces / Salgados
 10–15 people: 120 – 160 pieces / Salgados
 20–25 people: 220 – 300 pieces / Salgados

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