Petisco Brazuca is one of the Chamber’s Young Professionals Committee sponsors

The Chamber’s Young Professionals Committee invites you to join a thought-provoking and timely conversation on social responsibility practices being defined and implemented by multinationals, investors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and foundations worldwide. The distinguished panelists each represent different facets of social responsibility, from corporate, to societal, to environmental, contributing in their own way to find feasible solutions to sustainably improving society and the environment.Moderator:

Laura Simão, Vice President, Urban Investment Group, Goldman Sachs


João Brites, Global Manager of Sustainable Development, AB-Inbev
Cintia Andrietta, Corporate Governance Manager, Natura & Co.
Lea d’Auriol, Founder, Oceanic Global Foundation
Sid Efromovich, Co-CEO, Zest Impact/Generation Pledge


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